Why do I need a movie poster for my script?

By creating an image for your script, not only will you stand out amongst the thousands of scripts that industry folks are bombarded with every day, but you will already be speaking the industry’s language.

Movie marketing campaigns can run into their millions and for EVERY SINGLE ONE, it all stems from the all important movie poster (also known as a One Sheet).

Having a visual representation of your script gives the person you’re trying to sell it to an instant idea of what it’s about, how it looks, feels, what the genre is and what the marketing campaign could look like.

In 10 seconds you can tell them more about your story than you ever could with a written or verbal pitch. An original movie poster design can really help sell your script.

Why should I work with Script Poster to create my movie poster?

Film companies pay huge sums of money to design agencies for original movie posters. Our vision is to help you break down barriers to the industry by offering you an affordable service previously only available to producers and execs with big marketing budgets. Script Poster staff have over 15 years experience designing posters for film. We have a library of film posters and campaigns sitting in our creative brains ready to help you sell your script.

Can you create a poster from my logline or short synopsis?

We need to understand your vision to create an original and great movie poster. The more information we have, the more we will understand. If you only have a logline or a short synopsis, get in touch with us to discuss what can be achieved.

Can you create a poster for my TV project?

Yes. Browse our Gallery for an example of a TV poster. It’s not just movie scripts that need a visual identity. TV execs will also be trying to imagine how to market your project. Show them with your very own original poster design!

Can I discuss my project with you first?

Absolutely. Please feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

What file formats can I submit?

PDF (Adobe Acrobat), Microsoft Word files, Final Draft. For graphic materials (photos, images etc…) we accept jpegs, tiffs and gifs.

Can you help me decide what genre(s) best suits my script?

Yes! We have 15 years experience of reading scripts and turning them into movie posters. We know what gets the butts on the seats. It would help if you had some idea of master genre; comedy, action, thriller, horror or drama.

Why does it take 3-4 weeks to design my poster?

The creative process takes time to research, explore and execute. Consider how long it takes you to craft your idea then write your script. If you have an urgent requirement, please get in touch to discuss your project.

Once my poster is approved and finished, how will I receive the poster artwork?

You will receive the following:

- High resolution jpeg of your poster
- Low resolution jpeg of your poster
- High resolution jpeg of the title logo
- Layered files available upon request

What if my film gets made? Will you get a credit or percentage?

We will have no stake in your film if it gets made. Once you sell your script, if you or your producers want to market the film using our movie poster design, a further license fee for usage across all media can be negotiated.

Marketing materials represent a significant proportion of the production and/or distribution budget of a film and campaign origination can run into the tens of thousands. It will be very attractive to your film makers if you have already developed the films ‘identity’ with experienced film marketing designers/professionals.

Will you put my poster on your website?

We like to feature our favourite projects on the site. However, if you don’t want us to feature your project, please let us know.

What is a stock image?

Unless you have a marketing budget for a photoshoot (or a talented best friend who is a photographer!), we need good, high resolution images for your movie poster. In the absence of stills from the movie shoot, we use what is called a STOCK IMAGE from carefully selected image libraries. Many film companies use this route to reduce costs.

Why do I need to know about stock images?

You don’t need to worry about this until you sell your script and you are using your poster for commercial purposes. Once it gets to that stage, all you have to do is get in touch and we can arrange what is called an extended license for you. A standard license is included in your package fee and allows you to use it in the following ways:

- Printed as part of your pitch document
- Incorporated into a film for a multimedia presentation
- Use on websites: 800 x 600 pixels max
- Business cards, letterheads and other stationery
- Posters – for personal, non commercial use only

So for example, you can’t take out an advert in the press or rent a billboard to show off your poster without an Extended Licence. If you’re unsure, get in touch and we’d be happy to answer any questions about usage.

Script Poster does not accept any liability for unauthorised use of an image outside of the standard license agreement.

What is the photoshoot add on? (For Script Premium)

Script Poster can conceptualize, cast and organize a photoshoot for a superior look and feel to your poster. We work with some of the best photographers in the business and can work to a range of budgets. We cast actors that fit your character’s description or we can use your own talent.

See our Photoshoot add on page to see how we can turn an original concept into a reality.

If you’d like to add a photoshoot to your poster package, feel free to get in touch and we’ll talk you through the options and give you a quote.